Exclusivity is the main characteristic of our programs, meaning among other things, taking you to places you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Hidden sandy beaches, different gastronomic outposts, unknown towns, and luxury wellness programs are just a part of our rich PREMIUM Excursion Line offer.
During this excursion you will discover hidden picturesque places of enormous historical interest, where almost every stone has its own story.

Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia, is an old Central European town which offers today everything you can possibly wish! Take advantage and discover the secrets of the Croatian capital!

Our today’s destination, Opatija, is often called the first lady of the Croatian tourism, the Croatian Nice.

A journey has always been motivated by a taste for new experiences, a meeting of new places and new cultures. We will also enable you to discover some new landscapes and new flavours. We take you to Slovenia, to visit small but unique diamonds of the Slovenian coast.

You will nowhere else, other than in Montenegro, find such varieties in such a small country. Natural varieties that attract by their pure beauty, such as beautiful beaches, lakes and mountains.

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The Gulliver PREMIUM is assigned to more demanding guests - it is exclusive, what implies a higher quality of service, a limited number of persons and also places and events which can not be found in any other offer.

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