Exclusivity is the main characteristic of our programs, meaning among other things, taking you to places you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Hidden sandy beaches, different gastronomic outposts, unknown towns, and luxury wellness programs are just a part of our rich PREMIUM Excursion Line offer.
The gastronomy of Dubrovnik and Southern Dalmatia is truly specific and very important in the tradition of this climate zone.

Strolling along the footpaths of the historic parks of the Trsteno Arboretum, you will feel a dazzling dash of past times on your cheek. The former summer estate of the Ragusan noble family Guečtić-Gozze, it is today the only arboretum on the Croatian coast, planted with both local and exotic plants, trees and bushes.

The islands of the Ragusan waters hide a considerable number of idyllic sandy beaches and sheltered bays, many approachable only by boat and only with a help of a professional skipper. The adventure starts by a short stroll through the gardens of the Dubrovnik ACI Marina and a morning coffee, enjoying the views to the river and the splendid summer villa of the Sorkočević family from the 16th Century.

The glory and splendour of the Republic of Dubrovnik and its high cultural housing standards are best reflected in numerous summer villas built by local noblemen and wealthy merchants throughout the territory of the tiny state, and especially along the coast of the Rijeka Dubrovačka and on the islands.

Istria has always been the capital of exquisite cuisine and excellent wines, a real heaven for even the most demanding connoisseurs. Grant yourself a luxury and enjoy exquisite sparkling wines and the unforgettable taste of truffles!

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The Gulliver PREMIUM is assigned to more demanding guests - it is exclusive, what implies a higher quality of service, a limited number of persons and also places and events which can not be found in any other offer.

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