One week tour (7 nights, 8 days)

Come with us and visit the northernmost places of Croatia running along the border with Slovenia on one side, and Eastern Croatia on the other side.
This unique tour will make you discover places beyond the usual tourist routes to include the enchanting landscapes of Hrvatsko zagorje (Croatian hinterland) and sleepy Slavonian plains. While in Zagorje, we will pay a visit to the ethno-village of Kumrovec, which gave birth to Josip Broz Tito, and to the newly renovated castle of Veliki Tabor, and along the way taste some of the succulent culinary specialties of the region.

The town of Varaždin will delight you with its baroques facades and churches, its flower gardens and parks, while the castle of Trakošćan will take you back to past centuries.

Slavonia is known for its vineyards and wine-cellars, its immense and fertile plains and, above all, its excellent gastronomic offerings.

The tour ends in Zagreb, the Croatian capital and a town of rich history. We will visit the picturesque Upper Town and the Down Town where streets and vivid squares alternate with numerous parks.


Download PDF Map of Croatia or Map of Region

The Gulliver PREMIUM is assigned to more demanding guests - it is exclusive, what implies a higher quality of service, a limited number of persons and also places and events which can not be found in any other offer.

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