One week tour (7 nights, 8 days)

Visit Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful medieval stone towns, famous for the beauty of the whole of its historic core.
Discover interesting stories about its past, pay a visit to its museums and churches, and have a walk around its world famous ramparts.

The village of Vid is situated in the valley of the Neretva River. Once upon time an important roman colony, it is today renowned for its museum, erected on its foundations, being the only “in situ” museum in Croatia.

The capital of Dalmatia – the town of Split, is famous for its palace that once belonged to the Roman Emperor Diocletian, born in Salona at the beginning of the 4th Century. During the invasion of Slavic tribes, the population of Salona found shelter within the walls of the palace, which become the nucleus of the future town, whose history can be continuously traced up to the present-day.

Trogir, the town of a happy moment (according to the stone relief of the Greek god Kairos found there), will delight you with its renaissance and baroque palaces, while Šibenik boasts the most beautiful renaissance cathedral in Dalmatia.
Zadar will present you with silver and gold from the rich collection of the Benedictine Convent, while in Nin, you will visit the smallest cathedral in the world.

Charming little stone streets of Dalmatian towns emanate the spirit of past centuries, but also reflect the life of the contemporary residents.


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